free range and organic meat

Locally Produced

Globally Inspired


You deserve some good dumplings.
And you deserve healthy, quality
ingredients in a well considered range
inspired by a rich heritage of dumpling
varieties from around the world.

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THe Dumplings


Japanese Chicken Gyoza

Free-range chicken

Traditional Japanese flavours with a healthy dose of fresh garlic, organic white miso and vegetables served with a spring onion, rice malt, ginger and organic tamari dressing.


Russian Beef Pelmeni

Certified Organic Beef

An earthy, herbaceous beef and mushroom dumpling topped with a tangy tomato vinaigrette, sour cream and pickles.


Chinese Pork Jiaozi

SPCA approved free-range pork

A classic pork, chive and pickled ginger dumpling served with a spring onion, rice malt, ginger and organic tamari dressing.


Nepalese Potato Momo

Certified organic agria potato

A fresh and fragrant vegetable dumpling served in a tomato, coconut sugar and garlic reduction with dairy or coconut yoghurt.


Turkish Lamb Manti

Certified organic lamb

A tasty combination of lamb, chickpeas, herbs and spices topped with a tomato, mint and toasted cumin sauce then finished with a garlic yoghurt and a chilli/mint oil.


Korean Vegan Mandu

Certified organic tofu

A delicious blend of tofu, shiitake, bean noodle and fresh vegetables topped with our own special kimchi, fresh chilli and tamari dressing.


We’ve always enjoyed a good dumpling and we’ve always
enjoyed making them. When it came to buying dumplings
at a restaurant or a grocery store we found that what
we really wanted didn’t exist.

What did we really want?

1A better filling to carb ratio (more veges & protein)

The all-important ratio

After trying a variety of dumpling casings we arrived at a solution that is additive and preservative free and combines well with our delicious fillings. We don’t want to bore you with numbers but the ratio is 34% casing and 66% filling. This means much more flavour and no ‘carb coma’ after you’ve devoured a plate full. And texture is critical too. We chop our fillings to 7mm and less so the texture is pleasing to the eye and provides superb mouth-feel.

2Organic, free-farmed & spray free ingredients

Ethically sourced ingredients

People are quite rightly reading their packaged food ingredients more carefully these days. All of our meats are sourced from Grey Lynn Butchery, specialists in organic meat, so we can be assured we are getting the freshest, best quality and respectfully treated protein. The rest of our ingredients are a mixture of organic, spray-free and additive free. As we continue to grow we will endeavour to become 100% organic or as much as supply or reasonable cost will allow.

3A tasty range of globally inspired flavours

Global flavours

Most of the dumplings we used to eat were either Jiaozi or Gyoza. This was because other global flavours were yet to establish themselves in New Zealand. Most cultures have some form of dumpling within their cuisine and it’s generally a food served at celebrations and special occasions. Now, a greater globally influenced variety of dumplings are available so we’ve created a well-balanced set of six flavours that offer something for everyone.

So, we set about tireless research, crafting
and eating a lot of dumplings. A lot. We are
proud of the results and now invite you to
enjoy Very Good Dumplings.




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